We do not use non-textile parts of animal origin, such as leather and fur.

About using leather and fur.

In the modern world, we have all kinds of materials that can protect us from cold, wind, water and even fire. It's simply not necessary to wear furs. Nowadays it's no more than just a whim. We do not live in a cave anymore.

It is also a matter of money, an enormous business built around the grim extraction of leather and furs of living creatures, covered by a fancy picture of advertising.

Once you see how the animals suffer for the sake of clothes, you will not buy it anymore. But all this hidden away from your eyes, behind thick walls. You'll never hear these creatures crying.

We want the process of creating things to be completely transparent, open and beautiful.

Ask yourself: why will you never be shown the truth? Will you show a process of setting up a fur coat to children? If not, maybe it is abnormal in the modern world? You can not love and at the same time kill animals without the direct need to survive.

Our position is simple and understandable - let us be the protectors of life, not its destroyers.